by Athos

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released February 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Athos Kalamata, Greece

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Track Name: Call Of The Nightwolf
In the dark deep forests
Lives a living legend
The Wolf

I hear your call
Under the moonlight
Your owl calls me

In the dark deep forests
Two flaming eyes
Approaches me

I am staring them
They invite me

Don’t be scared
Fear nothing
Follow me

Here is where I was born
Under the songs of Dryads
Here is where I first hunt
Guided by Artemis
Here is where I will die
And the trees will sing for me
Here is where you’ll find
What you seek
What was lost

The wolf stands on a huge rock
Staring the moonlight
And I felt the cold breeze
Of Boreas dominating
My heart and soul

A blast from the depths of my soul
Spread out like fire
I suddenly was
one with all

I was wind
I was fire
I was water
I was stone

I was the everlasting stars
I was the moon
And the huge mountains

As the Night was swallowing me
The Wolf whispered
“I am you”
Track Name: Dreadnought
Stories from forgotten tales my dreams
Dreams , they made them nightmares
Nightmares that never were there
As I never saw them

Fear of nothing
Their lies are weak
Their symbols have rotten
Their god is dead
Fear of nothing
Their darkness is the light
Their temples have fallen
Their words are blind

Through tales and myths
Is hidden my lost faith
My lost self
The one I must afraid
My history is a sin
That I must forget
Believe their jewish king

I am the light and the true
Paradise awaits the believers
Follow me

Meander is my symbol
I believe in the call of my blood
Zeus is my father
and not a jewish god
Leonidas guides me
And not their fake priests

Tell me why the fear still lives in you?
Are you scared of your own father?
Are you scared of your own blood?

Fear of nothing
It’s just your shadow
Haunts your soul
Fear of nothing
Their power is
Your fear
Fear of nothing
Track Name: jewdeocracy
Adam and Eva the first humans
Stories for children
The stupid to believe

The unmistaken god is wise
With wisdom created everything

The unmistaken god loves us
He even made hell

The tale became myth
The myth became history
Their history religion

Let me laugh with this craziness
Let me curse this madness

The blind follows, like sheep are slaughtered
Traitors deny, their own blood
Betray their soul, for their green god

With blasphemy I respond
to your paradise

Fuck your monotheistic religions
The jewish made ones

Fake hopes for a real domination
Of mind
Water became wine
But blood can never be water
You can’t trick us

Reapers of soul
And history
Reapers of mind
And wisdom
Track Name: Oracles Of Delphi
In the land of Phocis
At the oracle of Delphi
Where ruins remain now

The oracles echoes
Through the stones

Hear them with your soul
Feel them with your heart
Close your eyes
You will see that
She was always there

Listen just listen!

Empires fall by the hand of fate
Become dust
Become myth
To those who deny
Becomes dark
To those who believe
Becomes power
To those who fight
becomes light

Empires fall by the pass of time
Become tales
Become nightmare
To those who are blind
Becomes Death
To those who seek
Becomes Knowledge

Empires fall by the fall of gods
Become demons
Become Hell
To those who forget
Becomes darkness
To those who know
Becomes father

Through the ruins
We shall return
Θα ξαναγυρίσουμε και θα τρέμει η γή
Track Name: The Lost Name Of War
War isn’t what used to be
Through the years
I’m searching for the lost face
Of Ares

The honor is lost
The pride has gone

Their silent invasion has started
Hidden in misery
From the sea
Unarmed they fight
The worst weapon
Of all time
Respect is lost for war
The cowards fight with words
I wish I knew
My enemy’s true name
Ares don’t abandon
Your throne

From the top of Olympus
You are watching our dark fate
Your children are dying
By the hand of the
Non enemy

Fight there is no better virtue than that
Sword, make it one with you
Shield, protect the lands you live
Helmet, shines in battle with glory
Chest plate, protects my heart
The one beats in the rhythm
of the battle

Cowards I am not the one
That you taught
To turn
The other chick

Ares God of War
Your throne awaits
War is a forbidden word
This isn’t war
They fight you with smile
They fight you with love
They fight for their green god
Disgrace of the human Kind
My kind is awake!!!
Track Name: Tragelafos
Happy faces for a bad end
Loud laughs with cries
Long-live life for a sudden death
Dancer cripple take my hand

Empty minds in a freedom cell
Friendly enemies with a big hug
Unheroe heroes with the rotten hearts
Blind watcher guide my path

Laugh with the tragedy
Cry with this comedy
The crazy hunter
Is trying to kill the light

The goat dance has started
In this bleeding paranoia
Close your eyes to see
The goat dance has started
In this awakening ecstasy
Open your eyes to be blind

Fake idol from the stupid minds
We have made it god
Savior that wants your death
We have made our king

Wide open eyes that see nothing
Except the one on mirror

Victory with another winner
Sitting on the throne of corpses

Fake father born from niggardly minds
In a rainbow family

The father rapes his children
But you are happier than ever

Dance till the edge of the deadly cliff
In happiness you’ll die
Drink wine from the crazy mind
The none exist is lying
Track Name: Let The Silence Speak
Let the silence speak
The wise words of nothingness
Let the darkness fall
Admit… the sun no longer rises

I offer you, your stolen face
But I keep its smile
I offer you the words
But I hold their secrets

I saw him he was there
That grey figure of bones
I saw his throne
That dust was swallowing it

Λόγια γεννημένα απο τη φωτιά
(Words born from fire)
Τρεμμοσβήνουν στην μνήμη
(Trembling in memory)
Ο κρύος άνεμος απειλεί
(The cold wind threatens)
Να τα σβήσει για πάντα
(To erase them forever)
Πρίν χαθείς μαζί τους
(Before you will fade with them)
Άστα να σε ταξιδέψουνε
(Let them travel you)
Σε μία άλλη αλήθεια
(In another truth)
Εκεί που κάποτε
(Threre where one day)
Θα συναντηθούμε ξανά
(We will meet again)

Εκεί που κάποτε υπήρχες
(There where you once existed)
Αυτοί που άφησες
(Those you left behind)
Σε περιμένουν
(Are waiting for you)

Η ψυχή σου άδειασε
(Your soul become empty)
Απο αυτό που δέν έμαθες ποτέ
(From what you never learned)
Γιαυτό φοβάσαι
(Thats why you are afraid)
Αυτό που δέν σε έβλαψε ποτέ
(Of what never hurt you)

Let the silence speak
The wise words


Let the darkness fall
We will meet again
In the truth that you never met